Rockin' Talent Part 6 - Drummergavinmartin

Rockin' Talent Part 6 - Drummergavinmartin

Here at Teeny Rockers we like to share talent whenever we find it. In that spirit, we've decided to do a series of interviews called Rockin' Talent where we talk to talented young people from around the world.

Last week we introduced our first talent who was primarily a drummer. Good things come in pairs and so this week, for our 6th in the series, we have a 2nd drummer, 9 year old @drummergavinmartin!

Gavin Martin is a sweet, high energy, intelligent boy, who also happens to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, and a receptive/expressive language disorder. Gavin’s love for music started at a very early age and has turned into a passion for playing drums! He received his first drum set in 2014 for Christmas and hasn’t stopped playing since! Gavin takes drum lessons three times a week and also plays with a band in St. Louis. He loves performing on stage and hopes to become a professional drummer when he grows up! 

How old were you when you first started to play the drums? Do you play any other instruments as well? I started playing drums when I was 6 1/2 years old. Drums is my primary focus, however, eventually I hope to learn other instruments such as guitar & piano. 

You've managed to get photos with some amazing drummers. Of the heroes you haven't met yet, who would you most like to meet? Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters & Chad Sexton from 311.

Do your friends like the same music as you or do they listen to other stuff? Did you get such great taste from your parents or did it come from somewhere else? My parents are major grunge fans- my mom played Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for me on YouTube and I was hooked. In the band I play with “Rayn”, one of the kids is a blues fan, another one likes metal & 2 others like pop. I’m exposed to different styles of music constantly.

Have you had any luck getting Ellen's attention? If you were invited on to the Ellen Show, what song would you play? Not yet, but it’s dedinitely not from a lack of trying! If I were lucky enough to be on her show, I’d probably play “Everlong” by The Foo Fighters. 

You've mentioned that you're on the spectrum. Do you think drumming has had a positive effect and would you recommend it to others who are also on the spectrum? When I was younger, from ages 2-5, I couldn’t tolerate any loud noises. Even hearing someone sing “Happy Birthday” would put me in complete meltdown mode. Drumming has taught me how to tolerate loud sounds, helped with my coordination and enables me to make friends with kids with similar interests. Drumming is also a great outlet for when I’m having a bad day or have a lot of energy to burn off.

You're unbelievably lucky to have got your photo with Ndugu Chancler. How did you get to meet him and what's your favourite song that he played on? I was fortunate to be a part of a drum clinic  that my drum teacher hosted. Ndugu Chancler was one of the first performers. I think one of my favorite songs that he played on was “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

Most of your pictures and videos are with a traditional kit but I see you also have an electric set. Do you find they're quite different to play or are they pretty much the same? Do you have a preference? I like playing both types of kits but my favorite will always be a traditional kit. The main difference is that in an electric kit, everything is set closer together and easier to reach. But I really enjoy banging on my cymbals on my traditional kit. 

Who's the better Foo Fighters drummer - Dave Grohl or Taylor Hawkins? In my opinion, Dave Grohl because Everlong is one of my favorite songs and he played the drum track on the original album recording. 

Do you get to play with Rayn very often and do you have a favourite song the band has written? We practice together once a week for about half the year and then we have performance about 3-4 times per year. We’re always looking for more performance opportunities. I think my favorite song is Out of Your Mind. 

A lot of your hashtags are related to Autism awareness. For people who are unfamiliar wih autism or maybe don't have any personal experience with it, is there anything you would like those people to know or to understand about it? I think the most important fact to remember about autism is that the spectrum is large. One person with autism is not exactly like another, and there are many different levels. We have feelings just like everyone else- it’s just that a lot of times, our feelings are amplified. We live in the same world you do, we just view it & experience it in different ways. 

And last one;
What's your favourite video or photo you've posted on Instagram or YouTube? Probably my Paramore clip of “Still Into You”- it’s had almost 250,000 views across all platforms. It makes me happy to entertain people.

In addition to following Gavin on Instagram, make sure you subscribe to his YouTube page too!

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