Rockin' Talent Part 4 - Lenore The Shredder

Rockin' Talent Part 4 - Lenore The Shredder

Here at Teeny Rockers we like to share talent whenever we find it. In that spirit, we've decided to do a series of interviews called Rockin' Talent where we talk to talented young people from around the world.

We're already up to interview number 4! This time we're talking to someone with possibly the coolest name ever - Lenore The Shredder!

Lenore The Shredder is from Hawaii and is a member of the band "Underage Thinking".

How old were you when you first started to play guitar? Do you play any other instruments as well?
I was 6. My parents had a rule that I had to choose one instrument and dedicate 1 solid year learning how to play. I was allowed to drop if I wanted after 12 months, but I never looked back. I chose electric guitar because it looked so cool and I loved the sounds you could make with it. In addition to electric guitar I also play bass and ukulele. 
Do you write the songs for Underage Thinking yourself or is it a team effort? Do you have a favourite song you've written?
Usually I write out a riff and build off of that. Then I take it to Noah (Drummer for Underage Thinking), and we work together on lyrics and building a song. I write the guitar and bass parts, he works out the drums and we both write the lyrics. My current favorite is "Evangeline's Rage" it's an original instrumental and I love it because we both can really let loose and jam. Underage Thinking just got 2 new members: Callahan on bass, and Sabia on vocals/rhythm guitar.

Do your friends like the same music as you or do they listen to other stuff? Did you get such great taste from your parents or did it come from somewhere else?

My friends and I do not share the same taste in music. I like anything with shredding and Metal/Punk Rock. As far as I know, I am the only one in my group of friends who likes these styles. They are super supportive of me though, and cheer me on. My parents introduced me to bands such as Guns And Roses,The Clash, Van Halen, Metallica, and Joan Jett. Somewhere along the line I got into CAKE too because they're FUN! 

We were very impressed by the video you posted of Extreme's 'Play With Me' and we're sure Nuno would be proud. Even playing a small part is impressive. Can you play the whole song?

Oh thank you! I hope Nuno would approve. As of right now I know only a small part of "Play With Me". I am currently working on the whole song, but it takes a long time to get it right. I'm still working on that. Extreme is awesome!

Do you learn new songs and riffs by ear or do you use online tab or some other method?

I usually can pick apart a song by ear, but I definitely use tab too. One of things I use every day is a metronome for timing. It's really important to stay on time, and this is something I continue to work on every day. Some days are better than others. LOL! 

Do your parents like the same music you do or do they wish you were playing something else?

For the most part, my parents like the music I play. But I think mom gets sick of the loud shredding in the house because I practice 2 hrs. a day. It paid off though because I got to play on "The Steve Harvey Show" (STEVE TV) this past February.

Your favourite band comes to Hawaii, they're due to play in 3 hours but the guitarist injures their hand. They need you to take their place and play for them. Which band is it and which song do you open with?

Oh this is a hard one! I love so many bands! But for the purpose of the question I'm going to say Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen just broke his hand, so I had to fill in. Sorry Eddie!..I would start with Eruption and try to do it justice...Still trying to get this one right too.

Do you have any female guitarists that you particularly look up to or that you think are good role models for someone your age?

Joan Jett. She is the Queen of Rock. There are many Kings out there in Rock, but only one Queen. I should point out there are lots of female guitarists/performers I really look up to. But Joan Jett was the first, and if I'm only half as cool as her when I grow up it will be enough. 

Shredding requires a combination of precision and speed. Do you have any tips or maybe warm-up exercises for someone who is just starting to move on from some chords to more advanced skills like tapping, sweep picking etc?

Start slow on the scales and use a metronome. I am still struggling with sweeps but have improved because I slowed down. There are a lot of online free tutorials to help, so use everything you can find. And when you get frustrated (you will), just walk away for a while, regroup, and try again.  

Your piano-playing music teacher seems really cool! Do you learn music theory at school or does it tend to be more like free jam sessions?

She's actually not our teacher but she is very cool! Lol!! Her name is Noriko, and she is a piano teacher who likes to have impromptu jam sessions.I am lucky to have 2 amazing teachers.Tommy Osuna (Osuna School of Music) taught me how to shred, and Aaron Carey (Kailua Music School) taught me how to play in a band. I am grateful for both. 

And last one;
What's your favourite video or photo you've posted on Instagram or YouTube?

My favorite video would have to be the piece I submitted to audition for the STEVE TV (The Steve Harvey Show). It is one of the solos from Metallica's "The Four Horsemen", and I was just having so much fun with it that night. I was completely relaxed because I didn't have anything to lose from trying. 

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