Rockin' Talent Part 2 - rockstarmadman

Rockin' Talent Part 2 - rockstarmadman

Here at Teeny Rockers we like to share talent whenever we find it. In that spirit, we've decided to do a series of interviews called Rockin' Talent where we talk to talented young people from around the world.

For our second interview we spoke to 'rockstarmadman', a versatile rocker from California. Just like in our first interview with Charlie, we asked if we could start with an introduction:

"My name is Maddox and I am 11 years old. My friends call me madman. I am a southern Callie kid who loves rock, metal, and Grunge music. I dirtbike, snowboard, scooter, play ice hockey, swim, and ride the waves at the beach. However, music is my life! I love to be on stage rocking out with my bands. Music is just a part of me, I can’t explain it."

In addition to his intro, Madman made a very interesting point. He noted that rock and metal is definitely not what other people his age are listening to. However, he's taken a great angle on that and says "I sometimes feel like a weirdo or different. I am learning that it is ok to be different and go against the normal. It’s what makes me unique and stand out. I have always loved music and playing guitar and listening to rock and metal music. I am not going to change who I am for others. Be YOU! "

Of course that's a fantastic message and we think it's great that he can take his own path and do what he loves, even if it's not the easiest path. Something we can all learn from. Are you or your kids in the same boat? Let us know in the comments below if your kids love to rock but have maybe struggled a little to convince their friends to rock along with them.

Now, the Q&A:

What was your first instrument and how old were you when you first started to play?

My first instrument was guitar. My dad plays guitar also, so he had me in his lap playing practically from birth. But I started actual lessons around seven years old.

You obviously play a lot of different instruments. Do you have a favourite?

I play guitar, drums, bass guitar and sometimes I sing. My favorite by far is guitar.

Most of the music you play seems to be rock or metal (eg Mastodon, Motley Crue, Green Day). Did you get such great taste from your parents or did it come from somewhere else?

Rock music and metal music are by far my favorite I’m trying to branch out some but it’s more fun to play what you love. My parents definitely are probably where I learned my taste for music my father always has Ozzys boneyard,hair nation, or liquid metal (satellite radio) and my mom listens to KROQ and alternative/grunge.   So I’m going to guess that’s where the influence came from.

How much do you practice each day? Do you go to School Of Rock every day or just a couple of days a week?

I practice a minimum of 30 minutes every day sometimes up to 2 1/2 hours it just depends on my schedule.

Do you have many other interests outside of music or does rocking out take up all your time?

Music does take up most of my time. However I also play hockey, dirt bike, scooter, and love the beach.  I have to make time for everything!

Do your parents like the same music or do they wish you were playing something else?

My parents definitely like the same music. However, there are some bands my mother can’t stand (I love to play those and watch her freak! Haha)

You play in more than one band, is it difficult to find enough time for both? How do you keep up?

Yes I am technically in three bands and it can be very difficult at times. The schedule gets hectic my mom schedules everything we call her the “mom”ager

Do you write your own songs? Do you have a favourite?

I Have recently started writing my own songs. I play with mostly older kids and their influence is helping me learn to write my own. I don’t have a favorite yet. I like them all! Haha

If someone wanted to learn to play but is maybe not sure where to start what would you recommend as a good starting point?

Never give up!!!  playing guitar can be hard especially when you’re young and your fingers don’t stretch or move the way they should yet.  My parents and guitar teachers often tell me that everyone struggles and no one is perfect. (Probably cuz I would like perfection haha).  When you are first starting I would say to start with a song you love and that you will want to practice.  Having some silly song you don’t like isn’t very motivating.  But a song you like is helpful to keep you coming back to get it right!

If you could play in any band or perhaps open for them when they play in or near your home town, which bands would you most like to play with?

Oh man!  This is a rough one!   I would love to play with Metallica, slipknot, black label society, or stone sour, or... shoot I don’t care! Haha I would play with any and all of them! 

And just one more question;

What's your favourite video or photo you've posted on Instagram?

Favorite video?  Hmmmm ...  I guess my favorite is my bloopers.   So many people think making a mistake is bad or is embarrassing that they only put out the perfect takes.  And I would love to be perfect too!  But, The bloopers reels make me laugh out loud.   Even at myself!  And I like to keep it real! 

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