Rockin' Talent Part 1 - Charlie Tomlin

Rockin' Talent Part 1 - Charlie Tomlin

Here at Teeny Rockers we like to share talent whenever we find it. In that spirit, we've decided to do a series of interviews called Rockin' Talent where we talk to talented young people from around the world.

For our debut interview we spoke to Charlie Tomlin, a gifted young musician from England, and first we asked him to introduce himself:

"My name is Charlie Tomlin, I am 9 years old, I love to play guitar, I am self taught,  I love music and my favourite bands are Sum 41 and Nirvana and I am also a lefty like Kurt."

Aside from guitar, do you play any other instruments or would you like to? How old were you when you first started to play?

I would like to try drums and I also like to play bass, but I have to play it upside down as my dad is right handed, I first picked up a guitar when I was about 5/6, but started playing properly about 2 years ago.

You've got some great photos with Deryck from Sum 41 and a lot of Sum 41 gear. How did you get to meet him and what's your favourite Sum 41 track (ours is 'We're All To Blame')?

My dad emailed their manager, as we were on holiday in Florida when they were playing, they replied and also sent me a signed poster as I wasn’t old enough to watch them when in the UK, they offered that I could go back stage after the show, I managed to go on the tour bus and meet Deryck. My favourite tracks are Pain for Pleasure and all of them.

You're obviously a fan of grunge and rock in general. Did you get such great taste from your parents or did it come from somewhere else?

My dad has all the albums and plays music all the time, so got into most the bands I like because of him.

How much do you practice each day? Do you have a favourite song you tend to play more than others?

I try and play for at least an hour every day, I tend to play more Nirvana as they are so fun to play.

You're self-taught. Did you start with tab books (or online) or did you just pick it up by ear?

I am self taught, never had a lesson, I pick bits up by ear and then check online tabs to see if it’s right.

Do your parents like the same music you do or do they wish you were playing something else?

My dad likes the music I play, and my mum likes the music because I play it, but wouldn’t listen to the bands I like.

We noticed you're a lefty - has that been challenging in terms of finding good instruments? Can you play a right-handed instrument?

The first guitar I had was right handed, a little acoustic guitar, when my parents noticed how interested I was they brought me a 3/4 left handed, this was hard to find, and then I got a full size left handed guitar, when I play drums I play right handed, but still learning.

Your Abomination Band video on YouTube is great. Do you get to play together a lot?

We try and jam at least once a month, but would like to every week if we could.

If someone wanted to learn to play but is maybe not sure where to start what would you recommend as a good starting point?

I got interested by listening to the music and the bands and then wanted to learn them songs, so started to try and learn them, a good starting point is being into a band and wanting to play their music, and never giving up, even if you get it wrong.

If you could play in any band or perhaps open for them when they play in or near your home town, which bands would you most like to play with?
I would love to play in Nirvana as the front man, and would be great for Sum 41 to support us lol.

And last but not least;

What's your favourite video or photo you've posted on Instagram or YouTube?

I think my favourite is playing Smells like teen spirit with nirvana uk a nirvana tribute band.

So there you have it folks, a great young talent. Be sure to head on over to Instagram and follow Charlie. No doubt he'll be on the fast track to rock stardom!

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