How do I swaddle a baby? A Teeny Rockers guide...

How do I swaddle a baby? A Teeny Rockers guide...

Baby laying on a swaddle blanket ready to be wrapped

Make sure you have some sweet punk, rock or metal music playing. Lay out the blanket on a flat surface and arrange it in a diamond shape.

Fold down the top corner of the blanket roughly the length of your hand. The aim is to get the fold to be about the same length as your baby's body (excluding the head and limbs).

Lay your teeny rocker on the blanket, so that their neck is just above the fold. Their head should be on the flat surface with their body on top of the swaddle.

Baby half wrapped in a swaddle blanket

Gently place your baby's right arm so that it is sitting straight down their side. Pull the right side of the blanket across baby's arm & body and tuck it under their left side.

Do the same with the opposite arm, pulling the left side of the blanket across baby's arm and body. Tuck it under their right side.

If you're lucky, your baby hasn't rocked out too much and everything is still in place. Now, pull the bottom corner of the blanket up toward the center of their shoulders and tuck it behind their left shoulder so that it's between the shoulder and the bottom layer of the blanket. When you do this, try to ensure you leave plenty of room for their feet to move. This will help to prevent overheating.

Swaddled baby - Teeny Rockers

Pull the right corner of the blanket over the baby so that the left and right forms a V neck. Don't tuck the end in just yet, just hold it in place with your hand.

The right corner should be somewhere down near the baby's feet. Flip it over and pull it over their right shoulder, tucking it into the back. You'll probably need to lift your baby slightly to do this.

Ta da! You now have a cozy little baby burrito!
Do your happy dance and revel in your awesomeness.

And of course, if you don' have a swaddle and you've got a severe case of burrito FOMO, head on over to the Swaddle collection and get yours!

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