The 11 best ways to use a swaddle blanket

The 11 best ways to use a swaddle blanket

1 - For Swaddling

Swaddled baby - Teeny Rockers

Lets just start off with the obvious one. A swaddle blanket's number one purpose is for wrapping up your little baby to stop them thrashing around like a little mosh monster when you are trying to get them to sleep. But as they grow up so fast *wipes tear from eye* they soon grow out of the need to be restrained while they sleep.

So what else am I going to do with this awesome Teeny Rockers muslin swaddle...?

2 - Burp Cloth

Throw the swaddle over your shoulder when you are burping baby. Not only does the swaddle blanket make a nice soft surface for bubs to rest on but you can also use the cloth to clean up little one after they spew everywhere. Gross, but inevitable. The swaddle cloths wash up well and dry quickly, ready for another session.


3 - Change Mat

Swaddle blanket as a change table cover - Teeny Rockers

We have used our swaddles as a makeshift change mat more than once when we have been out and about and needed a soft surface to put baby on while I changed a nappy. They also make great covers for cold change tables, at home or when you are out and about.

4 - Sun Shade

Stroller sun cover using a Teeny Rockers baby swaddle

If your stroller doesn't have a suncover, simply throw your swaddle blanket over top (or tie it down if it's windy). This will create a glare/distraction free little cave for bubs to take a snooze in while you go for a walk. Because they are made from breathable, 100% muslin cotton, our swaddles let air through so baby stays comfortable. Swaddles are also great for filtering out the harsh sun coming through car windows. Secure the swaddle to the window and voila! Instant shade in the car.

5 - Bath Towel

Muslin Swaddles make great bath towels thanks to their size and absorbency - Teeny Rockers

Because they are absorbent, have a large surface area and dry quickly, soft muslin swaddle blankets make a great after bath towel. 

6 - Nursing Cover

Swaddles make great nursing covers - Teeny Rockers

Not comfortable breast feeding in public? That's cool. Drape a swaddle across your chest (or face) with baby snug underneath and you will have all the privacy you want while looking level 10 awesome. Again, because they are breathable muslin cotton, baby isn't going to get too hot and stuffy under there. Perfect!

7 - Play/Tummy Time Mat

Swaddle blankets for tummy time - Teeny Rockers

The swaddle blankets have a large surface area and, when spread out on the floor, make great tummy time mats for babies to flex their muscles on. As they grow up they make great play time blankets for the bigger kid. Pop them under a play table and they will catch all the stray chalk, food and play dough. 

8 - Summer Sheets

Swaddle blankets make great light weight sheets in summer - Teeny Rockers

Muslin swaddle blankets make great summer sheets in the warmer months. Light, breathable, soft & stretchy, large - these are made for drifting off to sleep on. 

9 - Toys

Give them to the kids as they get older. Swaddles are perfect doll blankets, make great super hero capes or link them together and make a tent. Hours of fun!


10 - Upcycle

Upcycle swaddles into doll clothes - Teeny rockers

Re-purpose an old swaddle with an awesome pattern instead of throwing it away. Scarves, sarongs, headbands. If you are feeling really arty crafty, you could make some super cool dolls' clothes (see point 9). How good would that skull pattern look on Barbie?  If its getting a bit rough around the edges you can use them as cleaning rags (pffft - cleaning) or even pet bedding.


11 - Scarf

We have been getting a lot of feedback that mummies are giving their Teeny Rockers swaddles a second life by wearing them as a scarf. Wrap one of these bad boys around your neck to keep the chill off when the temperature drops.


So there you have it, ladies and djentlemen! Swaddles aren't just for making baby burritos, they're a multi-purpose staple for any nursery.

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